Product Code: PLC1
Quantity Price
250 £120
350 £156
500 £190
750 £250
1,000 £300
1,250 £370
1,500 £440
2,000 £585
2,500 £730
5,000 £1,450
10,000 £2,900

Reward your customers. Attract new buyers. Monitor consumer spending. 

Loyalty cards are a familiar feature of today’s retail landscape as more and more business owners like you discover the marketing power of rewarding loyal customers. Plastic loyalty and VIP cards not only keep your current customers coming back again and again but also encourage first time shoppers to use you & return as well.

loyalty card program can also be used as a convenient and effective tool for tracking your customers’ spending patterns, and the information you collect can help you design more targeted advertising campaigns and provide a higher level of personalised customer service.