Product Code: KFL1
Quantity Price
350 £120
500 £150
750 £205
1,000 £240
1,250 £260
1,500 £310
2,000 £400
2,500 £500
5,000 £980
10,000 £1,920

Retaining & maximizing existing customers is much more cost effective than establishing new ones.

Everyone likes a good deal & likes to feel special so using ‘Loyalty & Incentive Schemes’ to encourage customers to spend more & visit more often.

Using 100% UPVC Loyalty programs allow businesses to reward customers with benefits that can be reaped immediately or in the future. Businesses can identify who their customers are, when and what they buy, and how much they spend.

Every business has a slow period or products that sell slowly so you can overcome these problems by using fobs (or cards) to offer incentives to deal with this.

If you need any (free) advice on how to put together a loyalty card then please contact us