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Research has shown the number 1 reason many people forget their appointment, whether at the doctors, dentist, hairdressers, beauty salon etc. is people haven’t kept or have misplaced their cardboard appointment card. Even if they have kept it, they have to pre-empt the thought in order take the card out of their purse or wallet.

In our ever busy lives, you can give your customers one less thing to think about. One thing we do know is we tend not to leave home without our keys .i.e. Locking the door, starting the car.

Our keys are in our hands several times a day. With the fobs been seen daily, they act as a daily reminder. You don’t even have to remember to look.

Businesses who have introduced this simple concept, have found it pretty much eliminates the problem. The added benefit is with them being reusable they actually cost a lot less in the long term too.

Beware of imitations. Many fobs on the market don’t have the special coating on the back, which enables the writing to remain on. We also supply a solution for wiping off the ink so they can be used time & time again.