Why Plastic Cards?

Ask yourself – Why are you in business?

Everybody has their own reasons but we can assure you one reason on the list is to make money!

So don’t make the mistake many small business owners do & focus on buying cheap cards (i.e. cardboard cards) just because they are cheap.

Now value for money is a different matter. We GUARANTEE you will not find 100% solid plastic cards of the same quality at a better price. Unless they have either 1/ been manufactured using poor quality plastic manufactured overseas or 2/ not laminated so the print wears off very quickly, sort of defeating the object of a card for life.

A cardboard card has a very short life span. The majority are disposed of within a very short period of time. Those that are kept soon look tatty. That card is representing your business. That card maybe seen by others.

IMAGE is very important. Word of Mouth is vital for any small business. It makes sense to invest in cards people not only KEEP but are going to pass on.

Word Of Mouth + Passed on plastic card = Great 1 st Impression = New Customer


Why Plastic Keyfobs?

Key fobs are a great way to stand out from the crowd. What better way to promote your business to your customers than them seeing your company details & logo everyday. Who doesn’t use their keys everyday?

Give people reasons to want to keep the fobs on their keys.

- Appointment Reminders

- MOT Reminders

- Loyalty / Reward

- Lost Key Service

- Emergency number

- QR Code Link

- Membership number

QR Codes are a great way to link your customers & potential new customers to you in some way.

- QR Code link to price lists, menus, social media, website, current offers, blog, information